Magnasense Technologies Magnia® CRP Assay

Magnasense Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the first ImmunoMagnetoMetricAssay for the important clinical biomarker – C-Reactive protein (CRP).

CRP is an important biomarker of inflammation utilised in two areas: Slightly elevated levels are a valuable parameter when evaluating cardiovascular risk while strongly elevated levels are an important aid in diagnosing bacterial infections. Developing an assay that can cover both these diagnostic ranges is difficult, but Magnasense Technologies have achieved this by utilising antibodies labelled with paramagnetic nanoparticles and the high sensitivity and wide dynamic range of the Magnia® reader.


The Magnasense Technologies Magnia® CRP assay is highly sensitive and quantitative but requires only a 10µL whole blood sample and 10 minutes incubation time.


All reagents and disposables are included in the kit and, together with the portable and convenient Magnia® reader, it enables this valuable clinical test to be performed in doctors’ offices and health centres for maximum patient benefit and convenience.


If you would like to know more about the Magnia® CRP assay, please contact: or telephone 00358 40 7266683.