Point of Care Assay Development

Speedy, Low-Cost Development of Sensitive, Precise Tests and Assays

  • Do you have a novel biomarker or ELISA assay that would be even more valuable as a Point of Care (PoC) test?
  • Are you missing out on market share because your assay is not fast / convenient / user-friendly enough?
  • Do you have a PoC test that could gain market share with a more precise and sensitive end point?

If so; Magnasense Technologies can help you.

The Magnetic ImmunoChromatographic Assay technique has many advantages as a PoC technology. With Magnasense Technologies as a partner, these can be applied to your products.

Transferring assays from alternative lateral-flow formats or immunoassay platforms is rapid and straightforward.

Pilot testing is performed at Magnasense Technologies or instruments (Magnia® reader) can be provided for further evaluation at the principal’s own facilities. Comprehensive technical back up will be provided.

The Magnia® reader is affordable with high performance and easy to use allowing you to concentrate on the assays and their profitable promotion.

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Advantages of Magnasense's Technology  for
PoC Assay Development

  • Rapid Development
    - Proof of Principle is quick and straightforward.
  • Convenience
    - Existing production and QC procedures can be retained.
  • Standard lateral flow cartridges can be used.
  • Open system
    - User can select the best raw material.
  • Flexibility
    - Suitable for both immunoassays and gene probe testing.
    - Competitive and sandwich assays.
  • High sensitivity and low background
    - Biological material lacks magnetism.
  • High precision
    - Reader is less sensitive to variations in strip quality than colourimetric assays.
  • Wide dynamic range (4 logs).
    - Less need for sample dilution.
  • Better use of antibodies
    - Full depth of strip is read. In colourimetric and fluorimetric assays only the surface of the strip is read, 90% is wasted.
  • Paramagnetic particles are affordable and available from many suppliers.
  • Rapid transfer of existing products
    - Paramagnetic beads with coating properties matching coloured beads and ELISA plates are available.
  • Rapid read out
    – 3 seconds reading time.
  • Robust, affordable reader
    - Low placement costs.
  • Reader is battery powered and has a small footprint
    - Very convenient for PoC / field testing.
  • Easy customisation
    -Reader can be updated and /or closed by simple software changes.
  • Potential for immunoconcentration of analytes in difficult samples,
    e.g. urine, environmental and food extracts.

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