Magnia® Reader

  • M8001 Magnia® Reader

Product Specifications:

Intended use:

For the analysis of Magnetic Immunochromatographic Assays

  • For Professional Use Only
  • For research use only in the USA

CE marked


The Magnia® reader pack contains all components needed to measure the end points of Magnia® assays. Each package contains:

  • User manual
  • Magnia®  reader
  • Cassette carriage
  • 110 / 220-240 V power pack
  • Battery pack
  • USB cord
  • Check Calibration card
  • 2 Reference samples for calibration checking

The only additional materials required are assay specific calibration cards.

Physical Characteristics:

  • 910 g
  • 119 x 205 x 74 mm
  • Battery sufficient for 8 hours continuous use or one month on standby
  • Reading time  - 3 seconds
  • Connectable to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and /or printer

Operating Conditions:

Temperature 15-35 °C

Humidity 30-90% RH

Abbreviated Reading Procedure:

  • Place lot specific calibration card in the reader
  • Press “power”
  • Insert incubated cassette
  • Press “measure”
  • Result appears on the reader’s screen.

Associated Products:

  • T7001 Magnia® CRP assay, sufficient for 20 determinations
  • T7001B Magnia® CRP assay, bulk reagents sufficient for 1000 determinations
  • Assay specific calibration cards.

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